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Where's That 10-foot High
Concertina Wire?

As you can clearly see in the story's linked below, our government is more interested in guarding potential targets and catching those who are suspicious or are too close to the potential targets than guarding our borders.

You see they still haven't figured out just how these "sleeper cells" are within our borders except to say that they arrived via phony papers, aliases or other deception.

And GOD forbid that we should use "racial profiling" in such times as these.
Are we so haunted by the memories of the Japanese internment camps that we should not consider "racial profiling"?

True as it may be that we did take the Japanese citizens from their homes, farms and business, when Japan attacked at Pearl Harbor, but it may well have been a prudent effort at that time.

I have never read any articles to address whether or not any Japanese person was still in allegiance with their warring homeland in such a way as to do any harm, or if they had any "cells" within our borders.

If that had been done, then they could have screened out the suspects at that time and released the other Japanese that truly did have allegiance to America ( as many did ). This is what I would have preferred to have been done at that time.

Not that any of this would have been actually fair, but only the enemies would have been located and others released.

Profiling was an obvious choice at that time, so don't get me wrong here, I do agree it was a terrible injustice for them.

So much for the "profiling" issue, now back to matters at hand.

Since the 9/11 attack, the government has concentrated its intelligence efforts on those within our borders, the groups, associates and the "cells". But to this date, our north and south borders are still wide open.

Citizens have taken it upon themselves to form groups to go to these locations, especially in the southwest where thousands of persons literally walk across our border without detection, well noted, there have only been a couple of instances where those with nationalities other than the local Mexican and regions south of Mexico have been actually caught.

These well meaning groups of local citizens who live in these regions and know well that the border patrol is so strapped with little staffing and regulations that prohibit them from fully accomplishing their true mission, have been unfairly slandered in the press and by radical groups as "Vigilante's" (guilt by association ).

I am not only addressing the illegal crossing of Mexicans or only the southern region in particular, but it does need to be mentioned that according to many population resources, the amount of generally Hispanic population illegally within our borders is between 8 and 13 million !

This is about another story that isn't addressed, on to the actual threat...

What are the chances of those meaning to do us harm already being within our borders? I say chances are HUGE, and our government has so far accomplished little in any way to thwart further attempts to enter illegally across our open borders since 9/11.

It has been a year and a half since we were attacked and until recently, when Tom Ridge stated at the beginning of this attack that the "borders would be strengthened", quite similar to fixing the hole in the hen house AFTER the fox is inside!

Just when can we expect to see 10 foot high concertina wire strung along out land borders?

When can we expect to see such technological equipment such as cameras and ground sensors and dedicated satellite coverage at all times, these tools have always been in use at the so called "Area 51" and should have been deployed and utilized at our borders years ago, yet to date, all the government can do is lip service, telling us of "multi million dollar" studies to be considered or started, and giving us "promises" that more actual personnel will be on the actual borders.

In the present tense, have we already have let the fox into the hen house and are now fixing the hole?

The answer is obvious and it is yes, but that isn't to say that the borders still shouldn't have all the assistance and technology possible too prevent further incursions, we wouldn't even know if there could possibly be any groups stationed just outside our borders awaiting the time to cross and bring about whatever mission they may have.

It is also as obvious that this is not only our fault, as neither Canada or Mexico has much in the way or protecting the borders either, you see, why would they even be concerned in having Americans illegally cross into their country? What threat would we impose?

As for profiling certain people as being suspect, that is exactly what a good investigator does and should be allowed and encouraged to do, it is part of their job to do this and it separates the unknown's from the known to further narrow down the suspects.

In light of the recent events in our world, up front is the "war on terror", and in Kuwait, our government is in full assistance to keep them from harms way as much as possible, outside of the ever present danger of having a missile get through and hit (so far none have as our missiles have struck them down), you can rest assured that they are otherwise safe within their borders as we have satellites and troops covering every inch of their border 24-7 and if an intruder is caught, you can bet they will be dealt with swiftly and with extreme prejudice! Afghanistan's borders are also in a similar condition.

So what is the problem with our government not keeping such a vigilance on our own doorstep? Hmmm?

Officials brace for attacks on home front

American Patrol Report

Gary Anshutz


      March 21, 2003
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