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Open Letter to My Compadres

Thought you might like my letter to my comrades in Mexico so I am forwarding it to you. I have sent it to others and have been told that they are going to further disseminate it. Hope you like it.
– Jim, oh I mean Pancho



Don't stay there in Mexico and be broke, destitute, poor, hungry and unemployed! Our Mexican government wants you to come here to America and work and send mucho greenbacks back to Mexico so Presidente Fox can buy satin bed linens and other extravaganzas.

Don't worry about crossing the border. America is not going to change it. Politicians have more important disasters to correct and are too busy changing French Fries to Freedom Fries and French Toast to Freedom Toast.

The border is wide open and safe. Millions of your compadres in America prove that fact. Bring plastic water jugs, bottles, bags of food and other essentials. When you are finished with them, just toss them in the isolated desert. American environmentalists don't mind, they are only concerned with not building fences on the border so as not to harm or endanger the wild life.

You might see vigilantes or militia on the border. Ignore these scumbags, they have no authority to be there and can't arrest you. They are part of the American racist problems.

Thanks to the American religious organizations, they provide water stations and aid in your journey. Some will even transport you to where you want to go, AND, BY ALL MEANS, bring your wife and ALL your children. In America you get free medical care and schooling. Make wife pregnant before coming because children born here become American citizens at birth. Americans pay the bill.

The first thing to do when here, is to go to the Mexican consulate and get a Matriculas Consulares card. Tempe, Mesa and Tucson accept these and you can get many benefits that Americans have.

Jobs are no problem. Go to Home Depot parking lot and you can get a job in construction or look for a Tyson's factory where you are welcome along with hundreds of other amigos. Don't worry about taxes, you get paid cash and do not pay tax. If you can't get a job yet, then go to hiring halls, subsidized by Basha's supermarket. And, do not forget, you will get social security benefits later in life. Americans pay the bill.

Now with money, go to Bank of America or Wells Fargo and open account. You are welcomed since you have money.

Steal a van, preferably a white one, since you can have it painted like a Border Patrol vehicle. Make sure there is a lot of room to carry drugs and other contraband. Don't worry about driving, you can get a drivers license without any problem.

Oh, if you should lose your job, go to welfare. They will provide you with many goodies until you find another one. Americans pay the bill.

Go home and watch Spanish commercials on American TV. Proctor and Gamble wants your money.

There is no need to learn English since all you have to do is dial "2" on the phone and, WHAMO - you have Spanish language.

Send children to school free and get free lunches - no questions asked since it is against the law. You do not even have to know the English language. Americans pay the bill.

Wife is probably ready to deliver now. Take her to any hospital and services are free. It is against the law for them to ask questions. Americans pay the bill.

Get into drug selling. Many of your compadres do. If you get caught, police can't question your identify. It is against the law. If you need help, contact the Public Defenders office, an individual who protects you and is paid over $90,000 per year to defend you. Americans pay the bill.

We have people in high places. Two U.S. Arizona Representatives encourage entry into U.S. and will protect you here. Another has dual citizenship and goes out of her way to encourage the likes of you. Americans pay their salaries. Americans are the racists and the cockroaches.

Most Americans have bleeding hearts. The others are indifferent. They could care less so you have no worries about them.

Americans have made this a nice country for you. Now it is time for them to go.

Soon the southwest of America will be Mexican controlled. We will change the name to Mexerica. The American flag with 50 stars will be change to reflect only 42 stars. Azlan will be alive and well.


Adios, Amigos,

Pancho ----------

James Nixon


      March 18, 2003
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