Watch the "SQL TV at the Border" Show

Don't miss this important SQL TV Show from the southern border airing this month on Cablevision in the NY and Long Island area of NY!!

On the show, JoAnn Russo of Sachem Quality of Life interviews Glenn Spencer at American Border Patrol and Chris Simcox at the border with Channel 12 Tucson. Chris Simcox comments on the hoards invading our hundreds of mile long three strand border wire fence tp a seemingly unimpressed Channel 12 reporters tells them of the security problems local and national that these colossal intrusions represent.

You will see how the US border is a MYTH 15 months after 9/11!

The show ends with area residents apprehending 7 border jumper illegal aliens after a thrilling chase on ranch property as JoAnn videos and horrified reporters from the Sacramento Bee observe the Border Patrol agents preparing to take the intruders into custody.

The "SQL TV the Border" Show schedule for February is as follows:

Monday     Feb 17th 12:30 pm   Channel 20 in the Hauppague     Cablevision System
Thursday    Feb 20th   9:00 pm   Channel 20 in the Woodbury      Cablevision System
Friday        Feb 21th   7:00 pm   Channel 20 in the Hauppague     Cablevision System
Monday     Feb 24th 12:30 pm   Channel 20 in the Hauppague     Cablevision System
Thursday    Feb 27th   9:00 pm   Channel 20 in the Woodbury      Cablevision System
Friday        Feb 28th   7:00 pm   Channel 20 in the Hauppague     Cablevision System

We think this show is so important we are giving it multiple timeslots.

Tell your friends and relatives in the NY area to record this show for you and if you have members in this area urge them to do the same!!!!!

Copies of the show can be made available for other Public Access Producers
........ contact us at 516 480-7124 or write this email address.


POTENTIALLY EXPLOSIVE lawsuit against Bush in DC courts

Bush and Administration figures cited for treason and racketeering for encouraging illegal immigration which jeopardizes US national security.

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